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Super Charged Oxygen Treats Chronic Pain

Oxygen is the lifeblood of the cellular system; without it there would be no you! Ozone is a supercharged form of oxygen that contains an extra atom; a typical oxygen molecule contains two (O2), while ozone contains three (O3). When treatment is applied, this extra atom breaks off after 20-30 minutes inside the body and does more than just oxygenate cells; these oxygen singlets are free to bind and destroy any viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, molds, yeasts and any abnormal tissue cells it finds in the body. These abnormal cells absolutely hate ozone so disease simply doesn’t stand a chance! Once these abnormal cells are oxidized and eliminated from the body, they are replaced with healthy cells. Ozone therapy in conjunction with injection therapy is used to treat and eliminate chronic pain resulting from nerve injuries, degenerative joints and ligaments.

Dr. Sterling Desmond, Dr. TCM, R.Ac., AAOT Fellow Member

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