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Injection Therapies are an acupuncture system that incorporates neuroscience and European medical science into its clinical applications for pain management, orthopedic conditions, and internal medicine.

Trigger Point Injection is used to treat persistent muscle pain and decreased range of motion in affected areas such as the neck, shoulders, and pelvic girdle. Trigger points may also manifest as tension headaches, tinnitus, TMJ, decreased range of motion in the legs and low back pain.

Normal muscle contracts and relaxes when it is active. A trigger point is a knot or tight, ropy band of muscle that forms when muscle fails to relax. The knot often can be felt under the skin and may twitch involuntarily when touched; called a jump sign. The trigger point can trap or irritate surrounding nerves and cause referred pain (pain felt in another part of the body). Scar tissue, loss of range of motion and weakness may develop over time.

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