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What Synergy is


How can I be happy and balance through life with all the complexities and distractions? I understand the concepts of balance, but I do not consistently feel it.

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As seen from the point of view of pure energy here is a story of human struggle and courage.

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The Language of Expression

As soon as we enter our life on the planet Earth through a personal energy vehicle (PEV) and the organic body, we begin to learn a language of expression.

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Can you Imagine a Conscious Education & Health System

What would an evolution to the Education and Health sectors look like? What would an evolution to these sectors bring to our future children, to ourselves and to our parents?

How could this evolution take place in the next 5 to 20 years

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What is Anxiety?

Language of Expression
Natural medicine practitioners will prescribe herbal formulations with fewer side effects. However, while these and other methods may provide some relief or distraction, they do not address the core root of ‘anxiety’.

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Living Consciously During a Recession

By being courageous and open we can end the recession for ourselves. This ‘recession’ of regressive energy drains us from being ourselves, from living, from spending, from being progressive in our lives.

In order to receive physical vitality, fulfilling work, or in order have open and vital family inter-relations, everyone in their own way needs to be unafraid of living.

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Evolve From The Heart

Press Eagle Eye
Letting go of who you think you are, what you think you are, what you think you want, what you think you have, what you have learned and how important all of this is to you, can be both freeing and produce fear at the same time.

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A Bright Future

Press True Blue
A progressive life is one that requires us to be more courageous, more conscious and less fearful. We have the choice to look at our circumstances and view our world accordingly.

Many people presently view their world as bleak and feel consistently stressed about their financial and emotional lives let alone feel bright about the future.

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