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Press True Blueby Dr. Sterling Desmond and Rea Ciera

Evolve With Desera Bright Future
We create our future every day. Even though each of us is born into different environments and into different conditions, we are ultimately responsible for creating a progressive life that holds a bright future. What is a progressive life?

A progressive life is one that requires us to be more courageous, more conscious and less fearful. We have the choice to look at our circumstances and view our world accordingly. Many people presently view their world as bleak and feel consistently stressed about their financial and emotional lives let alone feel bright about the future.

If we want a bright future we have to begin to live progressively. Each of us has a decision to make every day of our lives, in small or big ways, about how we will face a particular circumstance or situation. That choice is to let go of old patterns in our personality that bind us to the past and prevent us from consciously embracing the future. We need to become more conscious by exploring and embracing facets of our personality that we have not previously used. We need to let go of outmoded or old patterns that no longer represent who we are or who we want to be in this life in order to allow ourselves to evolve into a person who is different, new and refreshed.

In this evolution we can become capable of viewing ourselves and the world as new each and every day. A bright future is one that is filled with enthusiasm, with vitality, with possibility and it is all within your grasp.

In this chaotic world filled with all kinds of drama, it is difficult to stop, listen, and have the courage to examine what each of us are doing and why we are living life a particular way. By listening and observing ourselves we can step out of our drama and explore new ways of expressing ourselves. By living differently we can become progressive or conscious in creating bright new days for ourselves and in turn influence those around with our renewed vitality. As a result of this, those people closest to us will more likely embrace change or see themselves as capable of being progressive.

For example, Lavone is one of those people who created herself a bright future. At 66 she had been suffering from multiple sclerosis and not able to do the things she used to do, like gardening, or driving. She had difficulty walking and her eyesight was also affected by the disease.

Lavone decided she needed to make a change at a core level. She sought help for her symptoms but ultimately her short recovery in a few weeks was due to the new choices she started making. She decided at an energetic level that the description of Lavone, that included her personality suffering from disease, no longer applied who she really was. She decided that the suffering served no purpose in her life and so she started embracing new facets of herself and let go of the non-progressive personality traits.

Lavone makes new choices every day based on an intuitive, progression response. As a result, her health continues to improve and so does her garden!

If you think about the many facets of your own personality, do you think of yourself as being limited in some areas? Most people do, but when these personality traits are examined, often these descriptions originated from outside sources and subsequently were adopted as personal beliefs.

It is time to look outside of yourself and embrace a wider view of your self. That means embracing everyone around you and thereby seeing what you may want to maintain and what you may want to let go of in order to create a bright future tomorrow.

Dr. Sterling Desmond and Rea Ciera

Sterling and Rea live happily in the beautiful Comox Valley. Dr. Desmond has extensive experience in Natural Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Advanced Energy Healing and Counseling. Since childhood both have been involved with intuitive practices that have evolved to the point where they have developed a practical program that simplifies each person’s conscious intuitive development.

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