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Can you Imagine a Conscious Education and Health System?

Evolve with DeseraJul/Aug 2009 – Synergy Magazine/Volume 3, Issue 4

By Dr. Sterling Desmond & Rea Ciera

In our society, education and health are two multifaceted sectors that are intended to support and shape life so that society can flourish and bring forward vitality and wellness to its members.

Unfortunately, these sectors, as they stand today, do very little to evolve and encourage a flourishing society. At best they merely maintain the status quo. Education has become increasingly technical in its requirements for students. As students reach middle school years, a majority of them are uninterested in how education is being taught and they begin to see its irrelevance by the obvious lack of practical applications. Also health care is losing ground by the continuation of largely acute and reactionary care management.

What would an evolution to the Education and Health sectors look like? What would an evolution to these sectors bring to our future children, to ourselves and to our parents? How could this evolution take place in the next 5 to 20 years?

What if education were delivered in a more meaningful manner that provided self-direction and self-motivation to children? What if education focused on the development of both the right and left brain of the child simultaneously? Children would learn skills connected with the right hemisphere intuitive development that would complement the left hemisphere’s rational/logical development of physical skills and basic fundamental skills such as reading, science, writing and math.

To imagine this simultaneous right brain/left brain education, consider how differently each side of our brain takes in information. The right brain thinks only of the present moment, it thinks in images or pictures, it learns through the movement of the body and all information streams in to the entire body in the form of energy through all the senses. This right hemisphere recognizes our intuition, our connection with all things and is largely underdeveloped. The left-brain thinks linearly and methodically. It takes the present moment and categorizes all the details, it associates with the past, projects into the future and it thinks in language.

Image children who could rely on their right brain intuition to guide them to the occupation in life for which they are most suited. These same children would then be self-motivated to focus on the left brain skills required for their chosen area of expertise. Many students today struggling with low self-esteem and confusion choose occupations based on what other people want or what other people tell them to do.

Imagine young people wanting to go to school. Imagine them growing up feeling free, and yet directing their energies towards professions or trades that they feel express their capacities to live in a more meaningful and engaging manner. Imagine how the social consciousness within families would change and how the social economic/security and mental health sectors would benefit from people who are fully engaging life, work, and their families with less stress and strain on the general governmental institutions.

What if people made the decision to be well by using their right brain intuition for a preventative conscious response to their own well-being? What would that do for our health care system? What if the health sector embraced and fully funded preventative health care rather than just acute or reactionary health care? Within the first five years, the health care systems would save multiple millions of dollars avoiding acute care measure and perhaps prolong life in a more vital manner and decrease costs from early entry into acute care facilities. Within 5 to 20 years, society would save billions of dollars. Imagine a community that embraces more natural living and imagine the health sector embracing prevention and acute medicine as a way of creating a healthier community.

Imagine if we gave our future generations, right now, the opportunity to evolve into more conscious citizens and individuals. Imagine if we gave our future generation the right tools to help us evolve our community. Imagine that!

Dr. Sterling Desmond & Rea Ciera

Sterling & Rea live happily in the Comox Valley. Dr. Desmond has extensive experience in Natural Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy and Counseling. Since childhood both have been involved with intuitive practices that have evolved to the point where they have developed a practical program that simplifies each person’s conscious intuitive development

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