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Language of Expression

by Dr. Sterling Desmond & Rea Ciera

Synergy Magazine May/June 2010

As soon as we enter our life on the planet earth through a personal energy vehicle (PEV) and the organic body, we begin to learn a language of expression.

The language we learn on earth, that being written and oral communication, emotional and symbolic expression, has anchored people in a completely incorrect and limited form of fully reflecting who we are, which is pure energy. The language of expression that we have learned is upside down from our true language of expression.

What is our true language of expression? Let us back up for a moment starting with just being born on earth. We come in with our PEV (personal energy vehicle for which some would call our spirit, soul, ego or personality) and our organic physical body. From this point we are taught and learn how to communicate with various expressions of language. However, what we are not taught from an early age is how to communicate in our true language of expression, that being the language of ‘feeling’ pure energy. This ‘feeling’ does not refer to our limited emotions which represent a small level of feeling from our PEV and organic body. Our ability to consciously feel and reflect our self (pure energy) through our PEV is the true power of direct intuition, clarity of sight through this feeling and having the capability of ‘feeling’ and communicating with all things around us. How upside down is the world we live in when from organic birth we are educated away from communicating in our original language of consciously feeling and reflecting pure energy?

Imagine feeling energy without form and yet understanding what is being communicated here and around the world. Imagine feeling your self in the landscape, in the next person. Imagine feeling the consciousness and implicit information that comes with truly feeling while living and existing through your PEV and organic body.

Imagine living in a world where people are consciously communicating with one another at the deepest level and yet able to navigate at the general level of practical work and communication on earth. Imagine how people would respond consciously to one another. Imagine how education, justice, social and economic matters would evolve with less stress amongst people. Imagine living more consciously by learning to express your language with fewer boundaries and with more freedom of expression than would currently exist in our contrived languages of expression.

How do we reconnect with our self, pure energy, when in reality we are not disconnected? It seems a paradox, and yet in trying to feel the raw side of our own energy through our PEV we have lost our ability to truly feel (express our true language) because very early on we learned the expression of the PEV and attached to it as if it represented our true expression. Over the course of our lives by expressing only with our PEV we have forgotten our self and forgotten we are free. We have learned to feel small and learned to feel that we are our vehicle (PEV) and organic body instead of realizing that our vehicle is just a tentacle for our expression.

How do we learn to feel our expression? By unlearning or disconnecting our attachment to our PEV, or simply relearning how to feel our self, pure energy. This we do by learning how to plug-in to our self, not by meditating, but by learning how to consciously ‘feel’ and reflect our self through our personal energy vehicle (PEV).

Dr. Desmond has extensive experience in Natural Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy and Counselling. Since childhood both have been involved with intuitive practices that have evolved to the point where they have developed a practical program that simplifies each person’s conscious intuitive development. They live happily in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, B.C.

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