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Language of ExpressionBy Dr. Sterling Desmond & Rea Ciera

Today there are more people of all ages experiencing stress or anxiety in their lives, although they are not clear of the root cause. They are asking themselves “why can’t I cope and what is wrong with me?” They are seeking the help of health practitioners and counselors. Often the standard procedure is to prescribe anti-depression/anxiety drugs or sleep medications. Natural medicine practitioners will prescribe herbal formulations with fewer side effects. However, while these and other methods may provide some relief or distraction, they do not address the core root of ‘anxiety’.

Could it be that we are misreading anxiety or its symptoms as being individual rather than an energetic collective experience?

We have all been taught since childhood that we are separate from all the rest of our environment. Many people are beginning to understand that being separate is impossible, rather we are all energetic beings who are part of the energetic stream of consciousness including everyone and everything, (pure energy/pure feeling).

For instance, in 2008 Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a respected brain scientist, described this energetic stream of consciousness in her personal story of her stroke. She interpreted it through her research on the relationship between the left and right hemispheres of our brains. In Ms. Taylor’s book, My Stroke of Insight, she describes our “right hemisphere or right brain as being one of two cognitive minds”. According to Dr. Taylor, “experiencing peace is choosing to step into the right hemisphere of our brains where we are the life force power of the universe, at one with all that is. It is our left hemisphere or left brain that comprehends our selves as being separate from the flow.” *

How does one choose peace by stepping into the right hemisphere of their brain? How does one embrace and operate from the energetic flow instead of from one’s anxious personality?

It begins by letting go of what you think you know and who you think you are and how important all of this is to you.

Letting go is consciously relaxing into the awakening ‘feeling’ of pure energy which you already unconsciously access via your brain’s right hemisphere.

Consciously awakening can be frightening because letting go leaves one with seemingly no points of reference. Therefore, one keeps running back to try to fit within the parameters of ones personality but once they begin awakening they cannot comfortably fit back within this ‘box’ any longer.

The collective feeling of anxiety relates to our avoidance of awakening to pure energy/pure feeling which represents the energetic flow of consciousness. Feelings we identify as ‘anxiety’ relate to our avoidance of feeling our pure energy being. Fear gets ‘driven up’ by the personality which is ultimately nothing more than fear and control in its relationship to life. The sum of all these fears relating to anxiety culminates in the fear of death by the personality.

We are not separate from the pure energy flow. As we move consciously forward we become part of a moving stream of energy. Whether one is aware of it, or not, this stream is becoming stronger and deeper within our world. This symbiotic process is part of you and you are a part of everything.

It is now everyone’s responsibility to consciously begin to embrace their energetic self while operating through their personality vehicle.

What is anxiety? Could ‘anxiety’ be our resistance to the natural evolution and development of our right hemispheres?

*To learn more about Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Dr. Sterling Desmond & Rea Ciera

Dr. Desmond has extensive experience in Natural Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy and Counseling. Since childhood both have been involved with intuitive practices that have evolved to the point where they have developed a practical program that simplifies each person’s conscious intuitive development

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