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People often ask, “How can I be happy and balanced through life with all the complexities and distractions? I understand the concepts of balance, but I do not consistently feel it.”

To be balanced and in harmony with one Self requires a letting go of one’s self in order to learn to feel the synergy that exists everywhere. Most of us do not remember how to ‘feel’ who we really are therefore we are not relaxed enough to feel the natural flow of synergy.

This is not our fault, it is how we have been trained in these physical and energetic vehicles. We were trained to think, work and play in a field of complexity rather than simplicity. We have often been trained that ‘feeling’ represents our emotions relating to our personality, our mind and our physical body. We have been trained to be singular and separate within and outside of our Self. We have been trained to feel small and to continually fit in to the culture and society around us. We have been trained to embody ‘who we think we are’ in the roles we have assumed.

Fortunately, that is a collective myth, a fairy tale of sorts and has no basis in reality, no basis in who we truly are. We think these roles represent who we are rather than falling back into our Self, pure energy, for lack of a better word or god, if you like.

Dr. Desmond recalls, “at the age of fifteen I was walking home one night through dark suburban streets. Ahead I could see the fenced yard where an unfortunate abused black Labrador dog was tied with a chain. A group of large dogs from the neighborhood stood nearby. As I approached, from a distance I could see the Lab had gotten loose and was frothing at the mouth with rage, and suddenly barking loudly. The yard gate was ajar and he was off his chain. In those days, I naturally felt myself as neutral, as a ‘flow through’ energetically speaking but I had no words to express this synergy of feeling. As the Lab lunged to attack me, suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, a large German Sheppard dog lunged and attacked the Lab behind me as I continued on my walk home. At the time, I had the choice to follow a different route to avoid this angry dog but instead I allowed myself to stay neutral and let my Self, (which included the dogs and everything else present), to become the same. I allowed the vast feeling of Self or pure energy or what ever you wish to call the frameless energy that exists as the fabric of life, to envelop the situation.”

As people continue to wake up and become consciously aware of this flow through or synergy of feeling, their lives and the lives of those around them become more progressive. As a person consciously relaxes and allows this neutrality to flow through, they soon realize how to stop getting in the way of their Self.

Unlearning a lifelong training in this present realm by learning how to truly feel who we are, pure energy, is not a long process, it is only a matter of letting go enough to allow your Self to come forward. It is this awareness or capacity to ‘feel’ one’s Self that will draw people towards their appropriate careers, activities and relationships without having to create or control them out of an underlying fear. By hanging on or trying to fit into our contrived society and cultures we often impede our ability to ‘feel’ our real Self as everyone and everything. Now is the time we are being called upon to display our courage, to honour our Self (everyone and everything), and to let go of our singular sense of being, which is our illusion.

Synergy is born out of everyone and everything finding their rightful expression through their physical and energetic vehicles, anchored in their Self, pure energy. Like a group of colourful and varied flowers reflecting the synergy of creation without feeling separate, this is truly who we are.

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