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Evolve with Desera Courtenay

Practice of Conscious Living

Learn to live beyond the intellect and the personality.

In this program participants will embrace change in a way they could have never imagined. This is not an intellectual based program, as it involves very practical and progressive unlearning.

We are not covering a subject or a concept, we are immersing participants into Self so they can completely manage their lives while feeling connected to everything around them. This practical program teaches you to operate beyond the intellect, the personality and the emotions.

Each participant will practically learn to evolve through the heart to the energetic core of their being in a profound and simple way.

Life Changing Program

  • become even more consciously mature
  • let go of a life time of ‘baggage’
  • consciously operate from beyond the intellect, emotions and personality
  • feel that you are completely happy
  • feel truly free
  • have an open heart that continuously evolves and opens
  • feel the magic in your relationships
  • feel your vitality while bringing that vitality to others
  • feel pure energy and how to operate as pure energy

Format: This program is an opportunity to be courageous in a supportive environment and embrace who you really are. People who have taken the complete 3-part program have transformed their lives, their health and brought greater vitality to others around them.

Participants will unlearn through intuitive presentation from the facilitators, as well as through energetic conversational, written and physical exercises.

The complete Evolve with Desera ™ program is divided into three parts to facilitate your most effective assimilation. Each ‘part’ is an energetic building block to the next and once completed, the three parts become one.



  • Evolve with Desera Concept Story
  • Pure Energy – Global View
  • Energy Collapse
  • Plug In Theory
  • Unlearning
  • Evolving your Heart
  • Aging Consciously
  • Giving & Receiving
  • Levels of Letting Go
  • Core Stance
  • Imagination – Energy Imaging
  • Magic
  • How to Make a Conscious Choice
  • Slow Down the Moment
  • Speaking to Others
  • Tools for Daily Plug In
  • Manifesting Exercise
  • Hiding – how it affects your health
  • Male / Female Energies
  • Create Your Life Exercise
  • Qi Gong & Yoga Daily Exercises

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PROGRAM PHASE 2 : Core Stance

  • Spreading Consciousness
  • Core Stance – Waking Up
  • Being in the Moment
  • Neutral Virus – Pure Energy
  • Self-Esteem
  • Embracing
  • Patterns, Habits and Learned Behavior
  • Control
  • Suffering vs. Vitality
  • Transparency
  • Male / Female Balance Exercise
  • Heart-Core Connection
  • Sexual Energy
  • Dissolving Problems
  • Imagination = Reality
  • Energetically Ethical
  • Being Silent
  • Pure Energy – Your Feeling Sight
  • Word, Thought & Image Energy Communication
  • Discipline = Fluid Energy Communication
  • Calm
  • Your Occupation

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PROGRAM PHASE 3 : The Art Of Dying And [Fully] Living

  • Blending
  • Subtracting from Ourselves
  • Procrastinating
  • The More I Know, The Less I Know
  • Drama Energy Fields
  • Conscious Dreaming
  • Being Direct
  • Progressive Thought
  • Letting Go
  • Getting Unstuck
  • The Art of Dying And [Fully] Living
  • Psychics, Guides, Past Lives & Visions
  • On Children
  • How to Love
  • Melting of Male/Female Energies
  • Conscious Sex
  • Reading People
  • Template Image Communication
  • Energy Collapsing
  • Happiness

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PROGRAM PHASE 4 : Living Beyond Personality (Optional)

  • Teaching Others How to Plug In
  • Realize Your Ability [when requested] To Plug In Others on Demand

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