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In this initial stage, participants will learn how to embrace their true Self, (pure energy/ pure feeling), through the practice of plug-in.

‘Plug-in’ is an evolving daily practical exercise that is essential to the practice of conscious living. This phase assists participants with unlearning parameters that keep them anchored within their personality.

Plugging in begins the releasing of personality parameters such as ‘who you think you are’ and ‘what you think you know’. Participants will begin to learn that pure feeling (which is already present), rather than personal emotional ‘feeling’, is their true sight and this sight can extend as it is engaged in a limitless way.

The practice of conscious living is about coming out of the ‘sleep’ of personality and waking up to your true Self and then learning to operate ‘personality’ as an organic vehicle that is truly reflecting your Self (pure energy/pure feeling).


• reduce stress and anxiety
• learn to put yourself first, as this changes everything
• reduce your addiction to ‘drama’
• feel your heart open

Note: In Phases 1, 2 & 3 Yoga and Qi Gong exercises are consistently applied to assist the participants in allowing their physical and energy bodies in being more open to channel and reflect pure feeling/pure energy through their personality.

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