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Participants in the Core Stance phase will learn to be consciously plugged in at all times. Since completing phase 1 participants are already familiar with ‘feeling’ plugged-in in their dedicated daily practice and are realizing the benefits of daily practice and physical exercises.

In phase 2 they learn to relax and become more fluid with being conscious at all times through out their day. Participants become more adept at understanding the mechanisms surrounding ‘personality’ that inhibit them from continuously letting go and embracing their true Self (pure energy, pure feeling).

They become more capable of expressing, operating and fully reflecting their true Self through their ‘personality’ with tranquility and humour. Many subjects are covered and discussed in phase 2 which provide participants with deeper clarity.


• let go of a lifetime of ‘baggage’
• develop your intuition
• feel the magic in your relationships
• feel that your open heart is continually opening

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