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The Art of Dying and Living phase represents learning to let go of ‘personality’ and all the attachments to it including the intellect. Participants will feel their Self as pure energy/pure feeling and learn to maintain that position as they live life.

Practicing daily the art of dying so that one can live free is at the centre of the evolving plug-in. Participants at this point are truly learning to live with greater vitality and experience that they are not their ‘personality’, their intellect nor their body.

From the collective energetic perspective of Self, they are learning to operate their persona and body like a vehicle or like an animal that needs to be directed as it is driven, exercised, played with and enjoyed. They will feel the symbiotic reality of pure feeling directing through their personality while they enjoy life with full vitality and spirit.


• feel your vitality while bringing that vitality to others.
• be more consciously mature.
• be responsible but never serious.
• feel that you are completely happy.
• your true Self intuitively guides you through life and wants you to flourish.

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