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Knee Mobility Improvement/Pain Relief

I am a 63 year old active businessman and I suffered with limited mobility and chronic pain in both knees for over 10 years prior to seeing Dr. Desmond for treatments.
I sought medical opinion at UBC Oasis clinic and was seen by two physicians who diagnosed my osteo-arthritic knees, gave me drug prescriptions and told me to try to get around by walking with two canes until my surgery date came up and my knees could be replaced surgically. After talking with others who have had knee replacements done, I was not convinced that surgery was the answer for me.
I sought out alternative treatments such as natural supplements, laser therapy and had very little success.
I started treatments with Dr. Desmond 4 months ago. He used Biopuncture therapy in both knees to start to heal the connective tissue. I had some immediate pain reduction so I resumed physical work while in treatment; though his advice was to refrain excessive physical activity while I was healing! As treatment continued I slowly gained more pain reduction and mobility. Dr. Desmond added ozone injections to the homeopathic injections and the improvement to my knees is remarkable.
I’ve had to re-train my body/brain to walk properly now that I am pain free. I used to walk down stairs holding the rails and stepping down sideways foot over foot and I had a pronounced limp in my walk. I now walk down stairs normally and have to consciously remind myself that I can easily do so.
I have not taken Advil in 4 months, no pain medication and I am working very hard physically climbing up and down sloped terrain.
I found Dr. Desmond to be a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend his practice.

R. Wells, Royston

Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS)

As a patient who was diagnosed in 2002 with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a form of chronic leukemia, I have been treated by Dr. Desmond for 7 years.Although the prognosis for MDS calls for serious problems with immune system deficiencies as well as deteriorating quality of life issues resulting in early mortality of 1-5 years, I have not suffered any major infections or illnesses over the past 11 years and I continue to enjoy a very high quality of life.

The oncologists at both Vancouver and Victoria BC Cancer Centers have been amazed at my continuing status and can offer no explanation as to why the values of my blood tests continue to slowly deteriorate as expected but with no accompanying serious consequences.I have told them about Dr. Desmond’s TCM treatments aimed at strengthening my immune system which I feel have made the difference. Their response is: Whatever you are doing, keep it up.So I will, thanks to Dr. Desmond.

D.C. Graham – Qualicum Beach

Crohn’s Disease, Anxiety

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in December 2006. I finally knew what was wrong with me after almost 10 years of unresolved tests and hospital visits. Immediately, I was put on several different drugs by my doctor at the time and sent home with very little information about my new-found disease. It wasn’t long before I was back in emergency and admitted in the hospital on and off for the next 4 months.

I had surgery in April 2007 to remove 15 cm of inflamed small intestine, after that I felt okay for about a year without any medications. However, in the spring of 2009 the pain and symptoms started coming back and I had to go back on the horrible drugs that caused numerous side-effects and this is around the time that I began having uncontrollable anxiety attacks.

In June 2010 we moved to the Comox Valley and by this time, I was extremely ill. I visited a local doctor and was told that I should go directly to emergency, but I refused to accept that as my only choice so I asked to see a specialist. After more tests and hospital visits I was put on a drug call Methotrexate. It was the worst I have ever felt. (nauseous, dizzy, hair falling out, migraine headaches, no appetite, etc.) I knew something had to change and so I made my first appointment with Dr. Desmond in August 2010.

I was immediately put at ease with his welcoming personality and incredible knowledge about what I was going through and how he could help fix it. It only took a few months for me to notice that my anxiety was 50% better and my Crohn’s disease symptoms were not as extreme. He told me that this will not be a quick fix and it will take time and patience to heal. I most definitely prefer taking the long road to natural health than the quick ‘band-aid on a open wound that keeps falling off’ road that I was on before I became his patient.

It has been almost 2 years that I have been seeing Dr. Desmond and I can honestly say that I feel 90% better than I did when I started treatment. I know I still have a long journey ahead of me, but I am grateful for all the effort and hard work that he does for me. I highly recommend Dr. Desmond to anyone that has any sort of stomach/bowel problems or anxiety issues. I appreciate everything you have done for me Dr. Desmond & Rea.

Thank-you, Kim Reimer

Frozen Shoulder & Forearm Tendonitis

I am a retired businessman who is a patient of Dr. Desmond’s. I am being treated for 2 separate conditions, a frozen left shoulder & tendonitis in my left forearm I waited about 8 months from the time of first discomfort with my shoulder to seeking Dr. Desmond’s help. During the time I was receiving treatments for my shoulder, my forearm got hurt while curling. Thus, I received immediate aid for the tendonitis in my forearm.

I found that my shoulder responded relatively quickly to the injection therapy, considering that 8 months had passed. My forearm responded almost immediately. At this point I have virtually no discomfort or any restricted motion in either case. The injections are smooth, virtually pain-free, especially now that we’ve worked out the underlying damage. The cleanliness of the procedure is thoroughly satisfactory as Dr. Desmond always swabs, sterilizes and uses gloves. The reasons for the injections were clearly explained as were exactly what was being used.

This experience has been one that will cause me to seek this type of therapy much more quickly in the future.

R. Kampf

Both Frozen Shoulders

I am an acupuncture and injection therapy patient of Dr. Sterling Desmond. The therapy started after 5 months of injury [both frozen shoulders]. I noticed the benefits of therapy, after 2 months the mobility, pain levels etc. have been good. Dr. Desmond’s technique has been smooth and very efficient, sterile & hygenic, he uses gloves while treating.

Dr. Desmond explained the injection therapy and the ingredients used in simple language. Both Rea & Dr. Desmond are friendly people who make the patients laugh & make them happy. The overall experience for me has been excellent. I’ve told my families & friends about him & his acupuncture therapy. I’m very grateful to Rea & Dr. Desmond for helping me.

F. Austin

Parkinson’s Disease, Spinal Fracture

I am a 72 year old retired schoolteacher. I have been a patient of Dr. Sterling Desmond since March 2008, shortly after I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I came to him for help in dealing with the disease and later, with the effects of a spinal fracture. During this time Dr. Desmond has treated me with homepathic injection therapy, acupuncture, and briefly, with laser. He also employs energy management on a regular basis.

For me the benefits of his management of my medical problems are incalculable. I notice improvement almost immediately. Many of the symptoms of my Parkinson’s have decreased significantly; people I meet do not realize that I have the disease. My flexibility (particularly noticeable when I am driving) has increased enormously. Although I have a prescription for up to four tables a day of Tramadol, I still have almost the entire bottle I was give in February 2011.

My quality of life is definitely much better. Dr. Desmond’s injection therapy technique is almost painless, becoming more so as time goes on. Now I am quite relaxed. This is a significant boon for someone who has been terrified of needles for sixty years. Dr. Desmond is extremely fussy about cleanliness and maintaining a sterile environment. Gloves are always used. He has always explained carefully which ingredients are used in the injections and what the expected outcomes are. When the ingredients are changed, that is always discussed as well.

My experience with injection therapy is completely positive, and I certainly plan to continue.

M. Hoverman

Knee and Toe Joint Pain

I am a retired dentist and a patient of Dr. Sterling Desmond. I underwent treatment for pain and reduced mobility in my right knee and first toe joint, which had been present for about 5 years. The treatment involved both injection therapy and acupuncture. The treatments were done in a most professional manner under sterile, hygenic conditions, wearing gloves. The injections were done very smoothly with minimum discomfort.

The injection proceedure and ingredients used were fully explained to me prior to the treatments. My symptoms were greatly improved within a day or two with reduced pain and increased mobility. This has continued and has improved my ability to walk, etc. My overall experience has been excellent.

G.R. Horton

Achilles Tendon, Sprained Ankle, Knee Pain, Insect Bites, Gash & Bruises, Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain, Tendonitis, Respiratory Problems & Arthritic Fingers Over 5 Years

I’m into my fifth year of treatments by Dr. Sterling Desmond. During this time, I’ve had various ailments, listed below, treated with acupuncture and injections. Pulled achilles tendon – once on each side. I delayed getting treatment with the first symptoms occurred. However, every session of therapy resulted in reduced pain or increased movement. Severely sprained ankle.

I called Dr. Desmond two days after the sprain. He attended to the ankle with in 2 hours. Agonizing pain lessened after the first treatmen. After 2 to 3 sessions, the pain and stiffness subsided. Knee problems due to old injuries. Injection therapy and acupuncture has helped whenever these problems pop up. Bites by spiders/insect on temple and lip. The spider bite, the size of a peewee egg, was treated within a couple of hours. Swelling and irritation dimished with injection therapy, The same with the insect bite on the lip. Severe gash and bruises from a fall down an embankment.

Treatments the next day and for 3-4 more sessions resulted in the gash healing within two weeks. Bruising healed faster with the [homeopathic] injections. Neck, shoulder and back tightness or pain. Whenever, I get treatments, the tightness is reduced. Over time, the pain I used to have in the shoulder and neck area has subsided. Shoulder checking when driving is easier. Elbow tendonitis and tendonitis on both forearms. These areas required 4-6 injection treatments, mostly because I tended to over-work them before they fully healed.

Felt less pain after injection therapy and had increased mobility Stuffy Sinus & Respiratory Conditions. Treatment relieved the symptoms. Arthritic fingers. Swelling and pain reduced. The injections lessesed pain, reduced swelling, resulted in freer movement and healed without side effects. Dr. Desmond has always worked under sterile conditions, using alcohol, baxadin, provadine and disposable gloves to minimize infection. He’s meticulous when working on the skin, abrasions or wounds.

Dr. Desmond is accurate and precise in locating the site for the most effective results with the injections. Injection therapy and acupuncture work for my body.

Respectfully Submitted, Carmen Sullivan

Cervical (Neck) Spinal Degeneration and Shoulder Pain

Before seeing Dr. Sterling Desmond, I had severe problems with cervical 5 degeneration and right shoulder pain. The pain level was severe and my mobility was very limited. My pain level was approximately 8 out of 10.

After seeing Dr. Desmond for about 8 months, I rate my pain level at approximately 1 out of 10. I am able to walk long distances whereas before I could not walk very far at all. I have been an active swimmer and prior to seeing Dr. Desmond I was finding my swimming to be very limited due to the pain.

After seeing Dr. Desmond I am back to swimming 2 km/day. Dr. Desmond has been providing me with injection therapy combined with acupuncture. I have been impressed with his knowlege and skill level regarding the aforementioned therapies.

He is compassionate about his patients and explains his treatment in a very simple language that I can understand. I have recommended him to several of my friends and colleagues. I believe that the injection therapy along with the acupuncture has improved my quality of life immensely.

B. Bowers

Osteo Arthritic Thumb, Sore Ribs from Fall

I have osteo arthritis in the thumb and I was put on a wait list for surgery on my thumb. The pain became very severe. I decided to try acupuncture. Dr. Desmond has been giving me injection therapy and laser treatments which have been extremely effective. I have since cancelled my surgery. I recently had a fall and my ribs were hurting. I’ve had two treatments of injection therapy and laser which was also effective in completely healing me.

J. Stanhope

Bell’s Palsy

Re: Facial Acupuncture to treat Bell’s Palsy I am writing to give a testimonial of my treatments with Dr. Sterling Desmond. Four years ago I became paralyzed on the right side of my face with an affliction called Bell’s Palsy.

I tried many modalities, including acupuncture, from many practitioners, to give me relief from the pain and disfigurement. One acupuncturist wove big long needles from my eye down through my cheek, a procedure, which was extremely painful and possibly did more damage than good. My mother read an article about Dr. Desmond working with long term sufferers of the disease.

I travelled from Hawaii to see Dr. Desmond after receiving an e-mail response where he described his work and it sounded very professional and unique to what I had experienced so far. I was very anxious to begin treatment aggressively but Dr. Desmond assured me that he likes to move slowly and gently with the face. He only used needles and constantly reviewed what my facial response would do on it’s own.

It is my impression that Dr. Desmond’s work is a precise, careful art form, not a preset system of needles routinely set in the same place every time for each person. Throughout every session he makes sure to tell me exactly what it is he is doing and why, giving me confidence that he is not only a professional doctor performing a medical procedure but he is also a caring person who makes the effort to put my mind at ease. He uses humor to boost my spirits and alleviate my fears, also reminding me to take myself less seriously. He gives me positive encouragement after working on a sensitive area of my face and again at the end of each session.

Having regular acupuncture on my face is intense but Dr. Desmond says inspiring and humorous things to help me be strong. If I begin crying or laughing, Dr. Desmond allows me supportive space to have my feelings and breathe to a calm state again. Sometimes I have questions about types of foods, exercise and activities that I can do during this treatment and Dr. Desmond gives me very practical advice which has been very useful and positive in the results.

Dr. Desmond gives me ‘Tui na’ adjustments during every session except the first session. I surmise that excluding it from the first acupuncture appointment is customary given his preference for working cautiously. I have had a specific spot of pain in my thoracic area for over 2 years. In my second session, Dr. Desmond gave me a Tui na adjustment that gave me instant relief in that deep spot. I have had continuous relief since then. My face is improving. My mom and her friends have all commented without my asking, that they noticed an improvement in only a few treatments.

I am still in the middle of my treatment but at this point I feel confident to state that Dr. Desmond is a face specialist. My experience to date gives me confidence in Dr. Desmond’s ability to revive my facial nerves and muscles. I would highly recommend Dr. Desmond to anyone seeking natural and progressive well being.

Aloha, Rae Luscombe

Shoulder Injury 5 years old Healed

When I first came to Dr. Desmond I was in so much pain from my shoulder I had to sleep sitting upright and could not even hold my newborn baby. Since a car accident 5 years ago I was not able to rotate my shoulder without pain and audible clicking in the joint. Over the years I simply stopped using the shoulder because of the constant pain. Years of doctors and different therapies from massage to physiotherapy were unable to improve my mobility and pain. Even with MRI’s and Xrays, the orthopaedic surgeon was not able to determine the underlying issue and I was advised to undergo exploratory surgery.

Thankfully I found Dr. Desmond before going ahead with surgery because his treatment has finally helped me regain mobility and fostered healing in the joint. Although the therapy can be painful, it is nothing compared to the constant pain I was feeling before. The months of treatment have allowed my shoulder to heal and I am now able to rebuild the atrophied muscle and finally use the shoulder again. I am extremely thankful that by sticking with Dr. Desmond’s treatment I was able to avoid surgery and months of rehab.


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