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Prolozone Therapy Vancouver IslandI suffered terribly for years from acute, chronic lower back pain. I'm super active in many high risk outdoor activities and was at the point where simply existing was excruciatingly painful. Unable to go to work, or do anything but walk around in pain, I had not slept more than one hour a night for over nine weeks. A friend mentioned prolozone therapy to me. I had never heard of it although I had been to four different doctors/specialists. I did a bit of my own research on Google Scholar and was very intrigued to say the least! I google searched 'prolozone practitioners' for Vancouver Island and decided on calling Dr. Desmonds office. I left a message and Dr. Desmond himself called me back on a Saturday (they're not open weekends!!).

After the first treatment I slept five hours in a row for the first time in almost three months! I cried tears of joy when I woke up! I am SO grateful for the expertise and incredible knowledge that Dr. Desmond has in this field! I understand that a lifetime of physical stress and abuse got me to my state of chronic pain. What blows me away is the speed and efficacy with which this treatment is helping my recovery. I was past the end of my rope before I visited Dr. Desmond. I am so very grateful for this chance at getting my life back and being able to do the things that I love again! Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Desmond!
If you have chronic pain (better yet pain that is not yet chronic) call and book an appointment with Dr. Desmond! it's the very best choice you can make!

Dr. Desmond really helped me to overcome my so called "incurable" disease: Blepharospasms. He was very understanding, warm and took time for me. His office was always super clean, his assistant very friendly and knowledgeable. I never had to wait, and if I should ever be in need of a physician again, I would not hesitate to consult him again. And I can only recommend his services to everybody who would like to improve their health. Thank you Dr. Desmond and Rea.

I had two bad knees from construction. Having had two treatments for them I feel good and am able to work. I am a bit more cautious though as I don't want to lose what I have gained through treatment from Dr. Desmond. I also had plantar fasciitis, a condition which made me feel as though I had been hit on the heel with a hammer. Again only two treatments with ozone and his special medications which he makes up to accelerate healing, and I now walk as normally as I ever did.

I have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for close to 2 years; with all the pain and reduced mobility. I have tried rest, physio, stretching, insoles and was only getting worse. It was to the point I was contemplating getting a cane. Thankfully I found Dr Desmond and his Prolozone treatment. He is very knowledgeable, professional and very personable. I am ecstatic to say that, thanks to Dr Desmond's treatment, I am back to full mobility and no pain. I now do 4 - 6 hour hikes!

Dr. Desmond treated me for a sore shoulder, and I am very pleased with the outcome. Highly recommended!

I've spent so much money over decades having the peripheral symptoms of my medical problems medicated and "bandaged" and while I may have felt a bit of relief, nothing lasted. Dr. Desmond is dealing with the root causes & building up my immunity. It's a long process & somewhat costly, but into the sixth month I am noticing some improvement that is not just on the surface which is so encouraging. His clinic is clean & quiet and he makes very sure all treatments are done with sterile equipment.

I searched out Dr. Desmond online and was able to get an appointment within a week. I had been diagnosed with degenerative disease in the knee joint. (Osteoarthritis). He and his assistant are sensitive, compassionate and professional. Dr. Desmond explains everything he is doing and is open to questions, answering with patience and understanding. I was having a considerable amount of constant pain and using a cane to walk. Following a series of injections, the pain is greatly reduced and I no longer limp or need a cane. I would recommend Dr. Desmond to anyone with persistent pain.

I came across Dr. Desmond after my family Dr left me feeling hopeless. Right from the beginning when he talked to me on the phone I knew his goal was to provide the best holistic care for my personal recovery. After many extreme sport injuries and years of construction work I had very little mobility (less then 10%) in my left wrist and chronic shoulder pain. After Prolozone treatments my shoulder, forearm and wrist have improved to were the chronic pain is gone and mobility has returned.

Dr. Desmond took the time to answer all my questions, explain the treatment and what he was doing. The relaxing and professional environment made the experience very welcoming. If you are looking for improvement not a band-aid to your state of health and well-being this is the place to go.

Thank you so much!

Dr.Sterling has been working on my knees for awhile and overall, I have experienced improvement particularly in the varicose veins. They have diminished visibly right from the start. Dr. Sterling has also worked on facial ticks and I'm also pleased with the progress. I believe that if you have a chronic problem, it is definitely worth calling for an appointment. The atmosphere of this clinic is both relaxing and peaceful.

After a discouraging diagnosis from others, I had been adjusting to what I thought was a new normal of a low-functioning existence. I went in to Dr. Desmond on a referral from a family member with an open mind, but not really expecting much.
To say my treatments by Dr. Desmond have been life-changing is not an overstatement. I feel more energetic and clear-headed now than I have in ages! And they're awesome people by the way, which makes it even a better experience.

I have been plagued with lower back pain for years due to multiple bulges in the lower lumbar's. I tried everything from pain pills to deep tissue massages to chiropractic and nothing was helping. Then I found Dr. Desmond and his Ozone treatment and can't stop raving about it. Everyone in the office is caring and compassionate and the entire experience is enjoyable every time. I highly recommend Dr. Sterling Desmond.

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